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What To Do When Your Car Overheats

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What to do when your car overheats 

You're happy driving on the road on a hot summer day when your vehicle's engine starts smoking out of nowhere, and you have to pull over. What will happen next?! 


Engines can overheat for many other reasons, but the most common is caused by the warm seasons, mainly during the summer. This can happen to anyone's engines when they overheat due to the hot weather. Lucky, we are here to help you and give you some advice on what to do when your vehicle overheats. 


Tips on what to do 

  1. Turn off the air conditioner: Running the A/C puts a heavy load on the engine; the best thing to do in this situation is to turn off your vehicle's air conditioner. 

  2. Put your car in neutral or park and then rev the engine: This makes the fan and the water pump work faster, which can increase circulation that cools down the engine. 

  3. Pullover and open the hood: This releases the heat and lets air circulate through the hot engine. 

  4. Never attempt to remove the radiator cap while the engine is hot: It can result in severe burns all over your body as the hot coolant sprays under tremendous pressure. 


While every vehicle and situation can be unique, these tips above can help you cool down your car if it overheats in the middle of nowhere. If you need help with your vehicle or want to learn more about what to do in this situation, our expert auto mechanics can help you! Even though the best bet is to get help from a mechanic, your safest bet is to be prepared. 

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