About D&E Auto Repair

D&E Auto Repair in Chico, CA, was purchased by Aaron Weber in May of 2019. Aaron has been in the automotive industry for over 20 years now with a vast mechanical background. Not only does he have experience repairing cars, but he also was a motorcycle mechanic in his youth. Aaron has always enjoyed getting his hands dirty, which is why he decided upon the automotive industry as his career path. He also likes how the auto industry is always changing, so this profession is far from redundant.

At D&E Auto Repair, our staff members are highly certified and trained to provide the best possible service to our customers. Our staff certifications include Ford Master Certified, ASE Master Certified, ASE Service Consultant Certified, and High Rail Certified. Our main focus here at our Chico repair shop is to provide excellent customer service. A happy customer is always our favorite outcome, and it is what we strive for every day.

Aaron and his family are Camp Fire victims, which was one of the most destructive and deadliest wildfires in California history that hit Butte County in November of 2018. Aaron and his family have made it a goal to try to help as many fellow Camp Fire victims as much as they possibly can.

D&E Auto Repair in Chico, CA, can assist with anything your vehicle may need, including regular service and repairs. For the reliable choice in auto care in the area, give us a call today, request an appointment online, or stop by our shop for service!