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Meet Our Team

At D&E Auto Repair in Chico, we hold high standards for our employees. A lot is expected of our auto mechanics and team members. We understand that our auto repair shop depends on our team's skills and talent, and we'd like you to meet our team.


Kirsten is an energetic front desk assistant who is training as a Service Advisor. Esteban Nieves Jr. is a Has recently become a B-level A-level technician who has worked in the auto industry for five years. He describes his role is to working on cars and keeping the area functional and clean. His boss and D&E Auto Repair owner Aaron describes him as the future of the industry, saying he does anything he's asked. Aaron may tell him we need to be thorough with our multi-point inspections and then say, "Hurry up. We need to get this done" in the next breath, and Esteban keeps a smile on his face. Let’s talk about how eager Anthony is to learn and try new jobs. He, like Esteban, is the future of the automotive industry! He is an incredibly fast learner and hopes to be smog certified within a year. Sometimes I’ll help him with a job and I wonder how he can be so messy! Lol.

What do you like most about working at D&E Auto Repair?

Kirsten: I like the atmosphere. Everyone is working hard.
Esteban: I like working at D&E because there is a friendly atmosphere and I get to learn a lot. 

What makes D&E special?

Kirsten: What makes D&E special is the willingness to always help people and address safety issues immediately.
Esteban: D&E is special because we always strive to do our best.

What do you like about the team at D&E?

Kirsten: The team rocks! Always smiling.
Esteban: What I like about the team is everyone is always in a good mood and helpful.

What is your superpower or superpower of a boss or co-worker?

Kirsten: Aaron’s superpower is keeping everything going at a steady pace while making sure employees and customers are well-taken care of and happy.
Esteban: My superpower would have to be always keeping a positive outlook and making people smile.