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Monthly Archives: March 2024

7 Tips for Preventing and Treating Front Window Cracks

7 Tips for Preventing and Treating Front Window Cracks

Your vehicle's front window is vital for safety and visibility on the road. However, cracks and chips can occur due to various factors, compromising both aesthetics and structural integrity. We have prepared a list of best practices to avoid this annoying issue and keep your front window pristine. 1. Maintain a Safe Following Distance One of the most effective ways to prevent front window damage is by maintaining a safe following distance behind other vehicles. This allows abundant reaction time to avoid debris kicked up by other vehicles, reducing the risk of rocks or gravel striking your front window and causing chips or cracks. 2. Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes Extreme temperature fluctuations can stress your vehicle's front window, increasing the likelihood of cracks or chips. Avoid subjecting your vehicle to sudden temperature chang ... read more