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Tire Tips We Can All Use

Photo by HutchRock on pixabay

Here Are Some Tips On How To Take Care of Your Tires

The best tires are durable, resilient, and tough. But even the best tires won’t last long if you’re not putting in the right time and attention. 

If you want something to last as long as it should, you’ve gotta take care of it. Putting in work on the front end ensures that you won’t be dealing with any flats or blowouts on the road and can also save you money in the long run. Here are 5 tips on taking care of your tires:

  1. Get the right tires for your lifestyle. Winter tires are necessary in colder climates but less frequently in a place like Chico. However, if you find yourself going on road trips to do a little skiing pretty often, you might consider changing your tires. 

  2. Rotate your tires frequently. Tire rotation ensures that there’s even tread along all of your wheels. 

  3. Check your tire pressure often. You should check tire pressure at least once every month. 

  4. Do inspections before long trips. Checking for nails or other things that can puncture your tire before a long road trip will save you the headache of a flat tire on the road. Checking your tire pressure will tell you if something’s gone flat but won’t tell you if something is puncturing your tire. Take a good look at your tires and bring them in immediately if you find something that shouldn’t be there. 

  5. Pay attention to loading limitations. Cars can only handle so much weight. Loading a piano into your four-door sedan will be bad for the tires and a litany over other things. Before you haul, check how much your vehicle and its tires can handle. 

Here at D&E, we sell brand-new tires at a fair and honest price. We’ve worked on all kinds of cars and can make sure your vehicle is set to hit the road. If you haven’t been taking great care of your tires, we can check your current setout to see what can be done. We never want to sell you something you don’t need so that you can expect a fair and honest assessment of your vehicle's current condition. 

If you ever need tire assistance or have any questions about auto repair services, our expert auto mechanics here at D&E Auto Repair in Chico, CA, can assist you! Contact us at D&E Auto Repair in Chico, CA. As a business, we put community first; our team is like a family, and we want to help you save money any way we can! Schedule an appointment with us today, and together we will get your car burning clean again!