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Go Straight With A Wheel Alignment At D AND E AUTO REPAIR In CHICO

Ever had one of those shopping carts – you know the one with a messed-up wheel that wobbles like crazy.  Your cart shakes and pulls to one side – if you’re not careful it’s clean up on aisle three. 

Wheel alignment on your car is a lot like that.   One or more of your wheels can get out of alignment; you feel a vibration in your steering wheel – which may also be off-center.  Your vehicle might pull to one side and your tires start to wear unevenly – you could chew through a tire in a few months. 

Sometimes wheels get knocked out of alignment by something big like hitting a curb or slamming into a pothole.  But everyday driving takes a toll and vehicles lose alignment over time.  That’s why vehicle manufacturers recommend an alignment check at regular intervals.

In your alignment inspection, your technician will check your tires and your suspension system for damage.  He’ll test your alignment to see if it’s within factory specifications.  If not, he’ll make necessary adjustments to get your wheels all pointing the same direction again.

If your vehicle pulls to one side, you feel a vibration in the steering wheel or your tires seem to be wearing abnormally, talk with your service advisor.  You may need to put an alignment inspection into your shopping cart.

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