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Windshield Wipers

We’re going to talk about windshield wiper blades.  Now that may seem like a pretty mundane topic but think about how important your vision is:  We protect our eyes.  If we need contacts or glasses, we taken care of them too.  And, well, wiper blades are critical to our vision when we drive. We really ought to think about wipers as part of an important safety system.  We should think about maintaining safety – not just responding when our wiper blades fail: how many times have you been caught off-guard by the first storm of the season with a streaky windshield you can barely see out of?  Or with no washer fluid.  Wiper blades live outside the vehicle, exposed to heat and sun in the summer and cold and ice in the winter.  It’s no wonder that they get dry, brittle and torn. We recommend changing wiper blades twice a year – before they’re so damaged that they don’t work.  If you replace them in one of your ... read more

Simple Answers from D AND E AUTO REPAIR for CHICO: Windshield Wipers

Question:When should I replace my windshield wipers? D AND E AUTO REPAIR Answer: Well, most CHICO drivers wait until they fail. The problem with that is that you find out they have failed when you actually need them most – a little too late. Wiper blades are really a safety system for CHICO drivers. As you can imagine, 90% of our driving decisions are based on what we see. If you can't see well because your wipers can't clear your windshield, your ability to drive safely is significantly impaired. So the simple answer: of course, CHICO drivers should change wipers if they don't work well. But replace them before they go bad so they are always ready when that storm hits. For some CHICO drivers, once a year may be enough. For others – those who drive a lot, whose wipers are exposed to a lot of sun or use their wipers more – replacing the blades ... read more