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Brakes: Why Is It Important To Look At More Than The Brake Pads?

Photo by Benjamin Brunner on Unsplash


Your brake pads are essential when it comes to safety, as they allow you to stop your vehicle and prevent more significant accidents. We will explain why it is necessary to look at more than the brake pads on your car on the February blog. 


It is important to remember that brake wear is not an exact science; some brake pads will last longer than others; the type of vehicle you drive, how often you drive it, and your driving style are factors that you should consider.


Here are some examples of typical brake pad wear and what you can do to help them to brake properly: 

Speed plays a significant factor in how often you're using your brake pads. 

Over time heat and friction contributes to brake pad wear. 

Which axle your brakes are on will also influence how much wear and tear your pads sustain. 


What you can do: 

Drive with the flow of traffic to avoid unnecessary heavy brake

Give yourself plenty of space between the car in front of you, so it can be easier for you to stop on time and smoothly. 

Remove any unnecessary weight from your vehicle. 

Keep your speed low on heavy traffic to prevent any unexpected breaking. 


Maintaining your brakes in good conditions is extremely important, as they allow you to stop on the road and prevent a severe accident. Next time you get in your vehicle, ensure to check your vehicle's brakes to make sure everything is working correctly and be safe on the road. 

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