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Best Road Trips For Spring Break

Photo by Raphael Rychetsky on Unsplash


With the weather warming up and spring break coming up, it can be perfect timing to take your family on a road trip! You can have time to explore and relieve some stress while still socially distancing too. If you are planning on getting behind the wheel and going out to explore the state, this month's blog is ideal for you as we will share some of the best road trips for spring break.


But before you get into your vehicle, and start with the adventure, ensure your vehicle is working correctly so you can prevent any issues on the road or any other major accidents. We want you to have the best experience of your life, and because of this, below are some ideas of road trips that you should keep in mind. 


San Luis Obispo:  It is located halfway between NorCal and SoCal. One of the beautiful places you can visit while at San Luis Obispo is the Mission, which has free admission, a beautiful garden, and is worth your time even if you are not religious. 


Monterey: Most people must know Monterey for its aquarium, boasting over 35 000 different creatures in 34 various galleries. Another attraction in Monterey is Cannery Row. It offers a historic district once home to sardine canneries and the iconic setting for John Steinbeck's novel "Cannery Row." 


Napa Valley: Get together with your girls or boys, and head up to California's wine capital for a vino-filled getaway. At Napa Valley, you can find over 400 wineries to choose from, so make sure to do your research and schedule winery appointments in advance! 


Yosemite: If you like to be surrounded by nature, Yosemite national park is a perfect place for you to visit. Yosemite indeed looks otherworldly and seeing the park has always been a reflective and refreshing experience. 

Make sure to go out with your friends and family this spring break to explore the state instead of staying home watching Netflix all day. The list of locations we shared below can serve as a stand-alone destination, but if you want to go to bigger cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco, add some of these places as stops. 

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