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Monthly Archives: June 2021

How Long Will My Brakes Last? (Brake Maintenance)

If you feel a slight shudder or vibration coming through your brake pedal when you stop, it could be a sign you need some brake work done. That gets you thinking, how long should my brakes last anyway? It depends on a lot of factors. But for discussion's sake, let's talk about the components that wear out most often, the pads and rotors. One factor is how you drive. If you drive on highways a lot, you won't use your brakes as much as, say, someone who lives in the city and is in the middle of a lot of stop-and-go traffic. Do you drive a lot in the mountains? Do you tow a trailer or haul heavy loads? Those driving habits will all wear down your pads and rotors more quickly than someone who doesn't put that extra friction on their brake components. Do you love jackrabbit starts and squealing stops? That will wear out your brakes more quickly than smoother driving habits. Do you drive a hybrid or electric vehicle? In that case, you may have regenerative brakes that he ... read more

CHICO Drivers Ask: Why is My Check Engine Light On?

The Check Engine Light strikes fear into the hearts of some and is totally ignored by just as many. Just what it means is a mystery to most of us. First, if your check engine light is flashing, that means that something is wrong that could cause severe damage to the catalytic converter or other components. Get that taken care of right away. If your check engine light is flashing, you shouldn’t drive at highway speeds, tow or haul heavy loads. Take it easy all the way to the service center. If the light is glowing steadily, you should keep an eye on it for a day or two. If the light doesn’t go off, schedule an appointment with your service advisor to get it checked out. Some more information on how the Check Engine Light works may be informative. Most of your engine functions are controlled by a computer, not surprisingly, called an engine control computer. The computer can adjust many engine parameters for environmental conditions, engine condition and even the way you d ... read more

The Smell of Danger (What Causes Gasoline Odors)

A driver recently noticed that her garage had begun to smell like gasoline after she parked her vehicle inside. Her Check Engine light had also just come on. This was something she'd never experienced before. So, she called up her NAPA Service Advisor and asked what was causing it. The answer, of course, is that many things can cause a sitting vehicle to smell like gasoline fumes. But it can sometimes be tricky to track down the source, so here are a few things you can look for that may help your NAPA AutoCare Center technician pinpoint the origin of the odor. Gasoline odors can be caused by a leak somewhere in the fuel system, meaning gasoline can be dripping out. Some possibilities? It could be a break in a fuel line. You could have a leaky fuel-injection line or injector. There's a vent for your fuel tank that may also leak. The fuel filler neck can wear out and fail. One thing you should look for is to see if there are any puddles of gasoline on the floor of your garage ... read more

OEM or Aftermarket? (Choosing Replacement Parts)

It happens – a part on your vehicle breaks or just wears out. The replacement part is very important. You want it to last and perform like new. That’s why your NAPA AutoCare Center uses quality NAPA replacement parts. The parts we install on your vehicle will meet or exceed the specifications of the original parts. Let’s break that down. “Meets” means that the new parts will perform the same as the parts they're replacing. “Or exceeds” means that sometimes, the replacement parts improve on the original part. A replacement part choice may be tailored to your preferences. Let’s take brake pads for example. Perhaps you value quiet brakes. Someone else prefers high-performance stopping power, or minimal brake dust accumulating on their wheels. Your service advisor can help you select brake pads that best meet your needs. There are hundreds of thousands of auto parts needed to service all the vehicles on the road – including yours ... read more

D and E Auto Repair Tech Question On Your Battery

Question My name is David. For the last year and a half, I’ve had some battery problems. I had trouble starting my car, so I bought a new battery. At first everything was fine, then about six months later I had problems starting my car again, so I got a new battery. Again, everything was fine for another five or six months then I had trouble starting my car again. I went to get another battery and the parts guy said why do you need another battery, weren’t you in a few months ago? So, he tested my battery and it was OK. Apparently, I’ve been replacing good batteries. What’s wrong with my car? Answer Look, we can’t fault David for not knowing what’s wrong with his car – he just didn’t have enough information. And frankly, neither do I. Let’s talk about where our friend went wrong and what he could have done. First, he was right to suspect his battery. But if he had asked to have his battery tested when he first went to the auto p ... read more

Power Brakes

Basically, the power brake system helps you provide braking power so that you don't have to do all the work with your brake pedal. The brakes themselves are applied at the wheel using hydraulic pressure. When we step on the brake pedal, we create pressure in the power booster that's multiplied by vacuum from the engine. The resulting pressure pushes brake fluid through the master cylinder into tubes and hoses that run to the brake at each wheel. When there's a problem, it's usually a fluid leak somewhere along the line. It could be at a fitting or a hose, or even an internal leak in the master cylinder. A leak gives the pressurized fluid somewhere to go other than to the brakes, so stopping power is hurt. Lose enough fluid and you can't stop at all. Of course that's extremely dangerous. If you notice any decrease in stopping power or if your pedal seems mushy, you could have a problem. There are some preventive maintenance items for the power brake system tha ... read more

Deep Breathing In CHICO: Engine Air Filter

Deep Breathing In CHICO: Engine Air Filter

Your vehicle engine really needs clean air to operate efficiently. It takes about twelve thousand gallons of air to burn a gallon of gas in your vehicle engine.And clean air is much better than dirty. When your air filter's dirty, it simply can't trap any more dirt, so the dirt just passes through into your air intake system. From there it can get into the vehicle engine combustion chamber. And burning dust and pollen in your engine as you drive around CHICO does you no good. The verdict: When your engine air filter needs to be replaced, it needs to be replaced.How often depends entirely on how dirty the air is in CA where you drive. A simple visual inspection by a friendly and knowledgeable D AND E AUTO REPAIR technician will tell you when you need a new engine air filter in your vehicle. When you look at the air filter on your furnace in your home and see it's all clogged up with dust and dirt, you don't hesitate to replace it. But ... read more

Anti-Lock Brakes

We rely on our brakes to safely slow and stop our vehicles. You’ve probably had the experience where you’ve slammed on your brakes and started to skid. When your wheels are locked up, you are just sliding over the road. And if the road is wet or slick or covered with gravel – you really get out of control. Steering is next to impossible. That is why anti-lock brake systems (ABS) were invented: to help you maintain control in extreme stopping conditions. As mentioned, control is lost when your wheels lock up, ABS keep your brakes from locking – helping you stop while maintaining your ability to steer. Sensors on each wheel equipped with ABS, monitor wheel spin and compare it with vehicle speed sensors. When you are pressing on the brakes, still traveling forward, but your wheels are not turning, the ABS system steps in and modulates the brakes. They ABS quickly “pumps” the brakes, not allowing the wheels to lock-up while still applying braking press ... read more

Best Summertime Road Trip Destinations From Chico

Best Summertime Road Trip Destinations From Chico

We love living in Chico, and we all have Butte County pride. But in the summertime -- especially this summer -- many of us are itching to travel out of Chico. Home is home, but some of us want to go camping, seek cooler climates, hit the beach, or drive across our beautiful country. Here are some of the best summertime road trip destinations from Chico in 2021. Sacramento -- Not too far away from Chico is Sacramento’s Old Town by the waterfront. Yeah, it’s a tourist trap, but it’s fun! Now that we get to ease COVID restrictions, there is a lot to do in Sacramento. We love getting a horse-drawn carriage tour to see the sites and soak in the history of the gold rush. If you love fondue and want to treat yourself to something special, visit The Melting Pot in Sacramento, which recently reopened in April. Truckee -- Want to head into the mountains to cool off a little? Truckee is an adorable town, and the outdoors will be calling you to get out and play. You have many a ... read more