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Monthly Archives: July 2021

How to Get Your Vehicle Ready For Back-to-School Season

How to Get Your Vehicle Ready For Back-to-School Season

Photo by Oli Woodman on Unsplash As the colleges are reopening, you will now have to drive from home to school or take your vehicle with you to travel more comfortably every time you need to.    But before you move your vehicle, ensure it is in good condition to be safe on the road, and prevent an accident. Below are some of the car care tips that you should consider to have your vehicle ready for back to school season.    Check your tires: Make sure you have good tires to hop on the road! not having them in good conditions can cause wear and tear. You want to ensure they are making good contact with the road, as they are the feet of your car!    Check your seatbelt, and wear it! : We don't only use seatbelts because it is required by law, but because it saves ... read more


Back to School

Pay Attention to this Light

Of all the warning lights on your vehicle's instrument panel, there's one that demands your attention.  And that's the brake warning light. Common sense will tell you that if you can't stop, you are endangering yourself and others.  Brake warning lights are there to warn you that something is wrong with this vital safety system. There are several reasons a brake light will come on, but if yours does, get it to your NAPA AutoCare Center and have it checked out right away. Here are some possibilities of what's going on when you see that brake warning light. Low brake fluid—A sensor has detected that the brake fluid level is low.  The technician can determine if you need more fluid.  The technician can also determine if there's a leak in your brake system.  Low brake fluid could also be a sign of worn brakes pads.  An inspection can reveal brake problems.  Just topping off the brake fluid can leave critical problems unad ... read more

The Test Your Vehicle Can Fail (Emissions Tests)

Clean air quality is something that helps all of us thrive here on Planet Earth.  And considering that motor vehicles are a contributor to air pollution, emissions tests in the U.S. and Canada are in place to keep vehicles from needlessly spewing dangerous gases into the air.  While laws vary from place to place, the goal of an emissions test is the same: to make sure toxic gases are kept at a minimum. They often measure nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and hydrocarbons.  Fail the test, and you may not be allowed to drive that vehicle on the road until it's rectified. Keeping your vehicle maintained is the best way to make sure you can pass an emissions test.  Here are a few things that could be wrong with your vehicle that might result in it failing that emissions test. The mixture of fuel and air in your engine is heavy on the fuel.  That can cause issues with the catalytic converter that is intended to keep emissions to a minim ... read more