Shocks and Struts in Chico, CA

When you need to have your shocks & struts serviced, stop by D&E Auto Repair. Chico knows our expert auto mechanics for their professionalism and determination.

New shocks and struts can help reduce potential wear on steering or your vehicle suspension components. Replacing the shocks & struts will restore your vehicle’s ride control and handling, often making a just-serviced car feel factory-new and extend the life of your tires, too. If you ignore signs of wear in your shocks & struts, it could potentially be dangerous to you, to your passengers, and to others on the streets of Chico. This kind of service is too important to trust to an unqualified mechanic; you should have your shocks and struts serviced by an ACS-certified auto mechanic expert.

At D&E Auto Repair, we have the proper equipment, experience, and attitude to replace the shocks and struts and give your vehicle a smooth, comfortable and reliable ride. We are a trustworthy, honest, and family-oriented auto repair shop that wants our customers to feel right at home. You can trust the customer satisfaction in this Five-Star review:

“Replacing the shocks was the best advice Aaron at D&E Auto Repair gave me. I didn’t realize how much it affects my handling of the steering wheel and my vehicle's performance. My vehicle feels like new again.” -- Diane W.

When it comes to shocks and struts, the auto mechanics and staff at D&E Auto Repair cares about our customers. We want you to leave our auto repair shop with a smooth-driving vehicle that can well-handle the roads in Chico. Schedule Your Appointment Today. We're located at 3328 Esplanade St., Chico, CA 95973.