Cooling System/Radiators in Chico, CA

If you’re experiencing cooling system or radiator issues, bring your vehicle to a star performer in the Chico area - the friendly, thorough auto mechanics at D&E Auto Repair!

Your cooling system and radiator are the most significant part of how your vehicle deals with an internal combustion engine’s heat. When it’s not working, the car can overheat, the head gasket can crack under pressure, and that can be the death of a vehicle.

The smiling auto mechanics at D&E Auto Repair in Chico aren’t phased by radiator or cooling system issues. We know how to isolate these auto repair issues and determine a path to good vehicle health. Added to that, we perform a digital vehicle inspection with every service we provide to give you a heads-up on what issues you can expect to deal with in the short and long term. And finally, we back up our work with the NAPA 36-month/30,000-mile warranty for your peace of mind.

“We took our 2014 Chrysler Town & Country van in for oil change service to D&E Auto Repair. They did a great job. Six months ago, we had the transmission replaced by a different shop (NOT D&E Auto Repair). D&E Auto Repair’s digital vehicle inspection found a large leak in the transmission. We took it back to the first transmission shop. They would not honor the warranty and said it was the cooling hose. From now on, we will only take our cars to D&E Auto Repair. They are honest!” -- Martha L.

If you’re in Chico and need cooling system or radiator repair, bring your vehicle to the auto mechanics at D&E Auto Repair. You and your vehicle both deserve the type of love our independent shop can give you! You can make your appointment at this online link. You are a part of the family at D&E Auto Repair in Chico! We are located at 3328 Esplanade St., Chico, CA 95973, and we are open Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM.