Brakes in Chico, CA

Brakes in Chico, CA - D&E Auto Repair

If you’re driving on Chico roads and aware that you have issues with your brakes, it’s time to get your brakes to an auto repair shop you can trust. Trust your brakes to the highly-trained and capable auto mechanics at D&E Auto Repair.

We cannot overstate the importance of fully-functional brakes. Without working brake pads and a brake system, you aren’t fully in control of your vehicle. It’s a potentially lethal idea to keep driving on Chico roads with a bad set of brakes when you know that you need auto repair. The signs that you need to replace your brakes are undeniable. It starts with a squealing noise of a worn-through brake pad pressing against metal. It may lead to the car taking a bit longer to stop than average and may devolve to the car shifting to one side as you brake and then moving on to something dire, like a long stop that involves your vehicle violently shaking and vibrating.

There is no need to ignore your brakes and let something terrible happen to your vehicle. Consult the friendly auto mechanics at D&E Auto Repair in Chico. Let our auto repair experts put your worries to rest. If your brake repairs are not under warranty, D&E Auto Repair will help you sort out financing for your brakes. And with every service we do, we also include a free digital vehicle inspection to assess your car’s future needs. We’ll send you photographs of any signs that your engine needs replacement parts or repair and provide a timeline of recommended repairs over the coming months to prevent damage to your vehicle’s systems from worn parts. We back all of our work with our NAPA 36-month/30,000-mile warranty. Take it from one of our Five-Star testimonials:

“Aaron and his team at D&E Auto Repair are awesome! They provided the best customer service. When my BMW needed to have the brakes replaced and engine oil changed, they got me in and out in a flash. It is hard to find a good mechanic shop here in Chico that knows how to work on BMW cars. I trust these guys. Please Check out D&E Auto Repair!” -- Frederick A.

When you need brake service, don’t wait. See the auto repair experts at D&E Auto Repair in Chico. Let our auto mechanic work with you to get your car safe again. You and your vehicle both deserve the kind of love our independent shop can give you! You can make your appointment at this online link. You are a part of the family at D&E Auto Repair in Chico! We are located at 3328 Esplanade St., Chico, CA 95973, and we are open Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM.