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Here Is a List of The Fantastic Things You Can Do at Chico For This 4th of July

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

Here is a list of the fantastic things you can do at Chico for this 4th of July 

Independence Day is around the corner, and the best way to celebrate it is by getting together with your family and friends. You can decide on having a pleasant and relaxing barbecue at home or going on a road trip with your friends. 


As July 4th is quickly approaching, it is time to fire up that barbecue and find out what kind of independence day events will be going on near you on this memorable holiday. If you are lucky enough to live in Chico, CA, here is a list of some fantastic things you can do at Chico this 4th of July. 

The best things to do in chico 

View July 4th Fireworks: There is nothing like celebrating independence day by watching the rockets' red glare over the rolling hills. One of the most traditional ways of celebrating this day is by enjoying the fireworks with your family and friends. 


Go for a dip: Explore Bidwell Park's swimming holes! Remember it will be summertime, and the best way to get away from the hot weather is by going into the fresh and cold water. 


Get a frozen treat: Get a frozen treat during the hot summer months. In Chico, CA, you can visit "Sweet Chico Confections" in the downtown area, offering a great selection of frozen desserts! 


Whether you are on the lookout for a sensory way of celebrating the 4th of July this summer or just a way to have an enjoyable and relaxing barbecue with the family, Chico has plenty of options to make sure that your family and friends have a great time, and experience this independence day. But before going somewhere out, ensure that your vehicle is in good condition, so you and your family can have an enjoyable time and prevent your car from breaking down during the 4th of July celebration.  


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